2022 Year in Review

This year saw Seedrs help businesses raise over half a billion, 

and a third of all campaigns raised in excess of £1 million


Total campaigns funded


Individual investments made


Raised, helped by Seedrs

Learn more from founders, leaders in VC firms and some of the most pioneering businesses that have raised on Seedrs in our Year in Review wrap up video below.

European Expansion

ClimateTech Sector Growth

Liquidity in Secondary Market

Raising funds for businesses across 15 different countries, with investors from 

71 different countries

+154% growth to £40.1m, with 58% more businesses raising from
37% more investors

464 businesses saw equity actively 

traded between investors on 

the Seedrs platform

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Products available to eligible investors




Offering liquidity opportunities to it's investors in the UK's only private secondary market

Access to previously inaccessible VC funds continues to grow

Our network of Angel investors continue to take advantage of investment opportunities

57,000 trades worth nearly £22m, averaging nearly £500,000 of trades per month since inception.

Seedrs saw this asset class have +43% value growth in 2022, and over £8.5m invested in funds.

2022 saw an average investment of £35,500 from a community of over 3000 eligible investors

Campaigns that smashed their targets

Highest percentage funded

827% funded

£1,658,240 raised | 1,273 investors

Most investors

3,059 investors

£4,027,190 raised | 3,059 investors

Most investment raised

£15M raised

£15,020,022 raised |  238 investors

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